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Why Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning?

Water fed pole window cleaning uses telescopic poles, equipped with brushes and water jets. These water feeder poles allow upper windows to be readily accessed from ground level.

40ft (3 storey town house) from ground level. Negating the need to work at height.

Cleaning external guttering and soffits; fascias, doors. Works superbly on all pvc/upvc and well maintained wooden frames; Veluxe windows, Skylights, Conservatories and Greenhouses.

It's all about pure water

What’s so special about this purified water? Well, now that the water has been deionised and has had all particles removed, it becomes a powerful rinsing tool. It binds to the accumulated dirt solids on your windows and removes them.

No detergent needed

Water fed pole system only uses simple purified water. Windows are washed with water alone. Unlike all other types of contract cleaning, there is no need for complex detergent formulas or regimen.

Eco friendly

St James recognises the environmental benefits of this water-based cleaning technique that is entirely soap free. Harmful detergents are not being washed away into the environment. There is minimal water wastage as water for each job is prepared and stored in a tank.

Come rain or shine

Can be done in rainy weather. Even light rain or drizzle will make ladders wet and slippery but with a water fed pole that’s no longer an issue.

Cleaner windows for longer

Once a consistent regimen of cleaning is established, windows cleaned using water fed poles tend to remain cleaner for longer.


Water fed pole window cleaning alleviates both client and cleaner of any potential embarrassment.

Safety first

Regulations direct that work such as window cleaning should be undertaken from ground level as much as possible. Safe Stringent Work at Height [2005]

Please note windows are left wet

With water fed pole window cleaning, evaporation of the water is part of achieving a streak-free shine. Customers windows will be wet after cleaning.

Contact St James today to bring back the sparkling and crystal clear appearance of your windows..


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